Does My Car Need Suspension Repair?

Does My Car Need Suspension Repair?For many people the suspension system in their car is just what ensures a smooth ride. Well, they aren't wrong, but it does so much more. The suspension is also tasked with ensuring that all four wheels remain on the ground at all times, which prevents the car from rolling over and allows for maximum braking power when it is needed. If you ever notice any of the following four signs of suspension trouble it would be in your best interest to visit an auto repair shop for expert diagnostics and repair.

One Corner is Low

If it looks like one corner of your car is low, but all of the tires are properly inflated, then you could make the assumption that the suspension in that corner has failed. Collapsed shocks or struts will cause your car to drift resulting in excessive and abnormal tire wear.

Oil on the Struts

If you believe that your suspension isn't operating as it should try running a rag across the struts, which are usually accessible through a wheel well. If there is oil on the rag it is likely that the hydraulic fluid from inside the strut is leaking. This would cause your car rides to be much more rigid.

Rolling Sensation

One of the scarier signs of suspension trouble is a rolling sensation that occurs as you go around a corner. This may indicate failure of the anti-sway bar, which is designed to shift the vehicle's center of gravity as you turn. You'll want to get this checked out as soon as possible, as an actual rollover is a possibility.

Bounce Test

There is a quick way to test your suspension if you think it is having trouble. Simply push on the hood or trunk of your car to get it to start moving up and down. Once you stop pushing on the car it should return to a stable position after three or four bounces. Any more than that and you will want to get to the repair shop for suspension service.

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