The Importance of Routine Auto Maintenance

The Importance of Routine Auto MaintenanceEvery vehicle that leaves the factory is designed with future auto maintenance in mind. Maintenance is absolutely necessary in order to ensure that your vehicle will be able to take you to all the places that you need to go for years and years. Maintenance generally includes relatively simple and inexpensive procedures that help combat the chances of major engine, transmission or other failure in the vehicle. There are many types of maintenance but these are 4 of the most common. Be sure to always keep up with factory scheduled maintenance.

Oil Changes

Oil changes ensure that the engine remains properly lubricated in order to prevent harsh metal on metal contact inside of it. Oil changes also remove dirt and grime from inside the vehicle's engine, restoring power and fuel efficiency. Skipping oil changes puts your car at risk of major engine failure.

Fluid Flushes

Your vehicle relies on several fluids for its different systems. On occasion these fluids need to be drained and refilled to ensure they are not contaminated. These services include the coolant flush, also known as a radiator flush, power steering flush, differential and brake fluid flush. You can see when your vehicle is due for these services inside your owner's manual.

Transmission Service

The transmission also requires routine maintenance to be able to keep shifting properly. The service includes changing the transmission fluid filter and replacing the transmission fluid itself. Other services for the transmission may include replacing the pan gasket.

Filter Replacements

There are two very important filters within your vehicle that need to be periodically replaced. The fuel filter and the air filter may be small parts but it is necessary for them to be clean in order to work correctly. When these filters are replaced it ensures a proper air and fuel mixture with no contaminants, which keeps your car running at the top of its game.

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