Could my car use transmission service?

Could my car use transmission service?Today's vehicles are highly complex machines that are made up of numerous systems that work together in order to get you from point A to point B. One of those systems is the transmission. The transmission is what transfers the power created by the engine to the wheels, which it does via the driveline. Trouble with the transmission could result in a car not being able to go at all! Be aware of these transmission issues and if you notice any be sure to get to the repair shop right away.

Grinding gears

Sounds can tell you a lot about the way that a car is operating. If you notice grinding noises as you shift through the gears it could indicate that your car is suffering from a lack of transmission fluid or another transmission problem. Ge to the repair shop to figure out just what problem your vehicle is suffering from.

Burning smell

Smells are another way to detect issues. If you can smell burning while your car is shifting it could indicate one of two different problems. In a manual transmission vehicle it may indicate time for a new clutch or clutch adjustment. An automatic transmission burning smell may mean the transmission is overheating.

Slipping gears or erratic shifting

In a manual transmission your car should never pop into neutral unannounced. If it does it could cause you to lose your ability to properly control your car. Unnecessary shifting in an automatic could indicate issues with the computer control system.

Delayed shifting

Does your vehicle's engine rev really high as it shifts from park to drive or from gear to gear? This generally means that it is low on automatic transmission fluid. Get to the repair shop for proper diagnostics.

Transmission fluid leak

The most obvious way to tell there is a transmission problem is if you notice a red fluid leaking underneath the vehicle. The transmission, both auto and stick, requires fluid for shifting assistance and lubrication.

Never put off routine transmission service or you could end up with serious transmission issues. For professional transmission repair in Newberg come see the team at Doran Automotive. It's our mission to take care of our customers' cars with the highest level of integrity at our full service auto repair shop. Give us a call at (503) 476-3892 to request more info or to schedule an appointment for expert auto repair in Newberg or the surrounding area.

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